The Safari Wallpaper Collection

Welcome to Stil Haven's Tropical Wallpaper Collection

Experience the essence of adventure, creativity, and imagination with our exclusive tropical wallpaper range at Stil Haven. Launched in 2015, our boutique brand is born out of a deep passion for interior design and textiles, coupled with the transformative journey of building a home amidst life-changing moments. As a textile designer for leading British retailers and brands, our founder poured her expertise and creativity into every design, ensuring each piece reflects a modern country style with a fashionable twist.

Unveiling the Wild Savanna: Zebra Print Wallpaper

Step into the heart of the wild with our Zebra print wallpaper, capturing the allure of the savanna. This unique statement wallpaper, hand-painted to perfection, showcases zebras, plants, and trees inspired by the tropics. Ideal for a range of rooms, from nurseries to bedrooms, our Zebra wallpaper brings drama and style to your space. With a wide width of 70cm, experience fewer joins and greater pattern flow, making installation a breeze. Available in black or white bases, our exotic jewel-coloured hues transport you to the beauty of the Serengeti, adding impact and a touch of glamour to your room.

Playful Elegance: Savannah Wallpaper

Introducing Savannah wallpaper - a playful yet stylish print that transforms any space into a vibrant haven. Filled with intricately drawn ditties in a delightful mix of tropical colours against a charcoal ground, this wallpaper creates a decadent check design. Versatile and eye-catching, Savannah wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for bedrooms, hallways, children's rooms, and nurseries, as well as playrooms. Immerse yourself in the lively energy of tropical hues, adding a touch of luxury to your interior.

Crafted for Excellence

At Stil Haven, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Every design is hand-painted in-house at our Sussex studio, ensuring originality and exclusivity. We use only the finest quality paper, and our products are produced using the very best manufacturers. With a focus on interiors and accessories, we aspire to inspire you and bring your vision for your home to life. Elevate your space with our tropical wallpaper collection, where each piece is a testament to our dedication to quality and creativity.